NAVEDO pumps

NAVEDO pumps
Buy peep-toe women's pumps NAVEDO at the ALDO Shoes Online Store.
xgalexy discovered 85 months ago
  • 60.00 USD
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    Leather is always fun, but add a bit of fringe and now you've created a look that's both fun and sassy! These original Jesenia Fringe Pumps by Messeca are really flashy - in a good way! This shoe takes the traditional idea of a leather pump and adds a fringe tail to the heel. Pair this heel with a little black dress, cigarette jeans, or really anything you want, since the black leather allows for your full creativity by keeping a neutral color.There's something special about this heel, and it's perfect for that added oomph with those nightlife outfits! Whether you're looking for a unique addition to your wardrobe or just something to add sparkle to your night, these heels have that unique look you've been waiting for!Where to Buy - Nasty GalPrice - $110.00Who Found It - Idabone was the first to add the 'Jesenia Fringe Pump' to the Hive.

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    As the days get sunnier, it gets harder to pick out what to wear, much less which shoes to throw on to match your outfit. But what if you could find some kicks that go with just about everything? Well, here's a pair for you. These mesh peep toe wedges are the perfect nude color with cool cutouts and lace up closures. And the best part is - you won't spend more than $50 on them! WHAT? Yes, that's right. You're new favorite shoes (ones that you can walk everywhere in because they're so comfy!) are also a steal. Get them while they're hot. Where to Buy - NeedSupply.comPrice - $49.99Who Found It - SusanY was the first to add the 'Mesh Peep Toe' to the Hive.