Natural Hair Care, Natural Beauty Products, Natural Skincare - Carol's Daughter - Bring in the Moisture Skin Care Set

Natural Hair Care, Natural Beauty Products, Natural Skincare - Carol's Daughter -  Bring in the Moisture Skin Care Set
•Protects skin from environmental aggressors, reduces visible signs of aging and helps to temporarily tighten pores with antioxidant-rich Vitamins A and E •Reveals fresh, beautiful skin by eliminating dullness with Willow Bark extract, a natural source of Salicylic Acid •Keeps skin soft and supple while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with ultra moisturizing Aloe Vera,Baobab, Jojoba and Manketti Oils •Keeps skin perfectly balanced throughout the day with Rose, Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang oils PLUS, this has NO Parabens, Petroleum or Mineral Oil This set contains: •Bring in the Moisture Gentle Face Wash •Bring in the Moisture Face Lotion •Balancing Facial Toner
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