Modern Vintage, Modern Vintage Shoes, Modern Vintage Georgie Platform

Modern Vintage, Modern Vintage Shoes, Modern Vintage Georgie Platform
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    Bring Back The Swingin' 60's Into Your Home!

    by Ida Hsiang

    Here in San Francisco, which was one of the most relevant places for the 1960's radical movement, there is still strong evidence of this mod-style, crazy colorful, "flower power" time. Style from the 60's is most easily recognized with strange, fluid shapes, or angular, geometric ones and whirls of bright colors. Things were proudly done in man-made materials like plastics and rubber, and aimed to look "futuristic" (which, for some reason, meant no arm rests and other convenient comforts). While the Swingin' 60's is an era that's long gone, it's easy to hark back to a few decades ago and bring the color and style back into your living space. A few simple home accents and accessories, like brightly colored, slick-surfaced furnishings, interestingly shaped lamps and lighting, and other brightly hued, 60's-inspired items, is all it takes to give your home a radical vibe with a modern twist. Click on the slideshow to see a few of my favorite ways to bring the 60's back into your home!

    Canadian Designer Valerie Dumaine Modernizes The Classics

    by Jennine

    Personally, I'm so excited that "Mad Men" has started up again. Aside from the great plotlines, the show acts as a beautiful reminder of what I love about vintage dresses -- the idea that we should dress for every occasion. Okay, I realize that it's just a TV show, but my grandmother would say that it's how she lived her life -- in style. Maybe it runs in the family. Anyway, as much as I like vintage dresses, sometimes I want the modern equivalent: sexy, well-presented, yet with immaculate details. Montreal-based designer Valerie Dumaine perfectly quenches these cravings, with mid-century silhouettes with shorter hemlines and contemporary elements. Her new fall collection is available now, and with price points in the $125-$150 (US) range, you get unique dresses with a vintage modern twist. My favorites are the Cairo Tulip Dress, the Ines Pencil Skirt, and the Jean Pencil Dress! Once you're done browsing, don't forget to head over to The Coveted for more vintage fashion done modern!