MixtGoods : product detail : Mixt Notecard Set of 6: Hello & How'D

MixtGoods : product detail : Mixt Notecard Set of 6: Hello & How'D
Mixt Notecard Set of 6: Hello & How'D Item # 65.590.0.P Set of six (6) notecards and six (6) envelopes. One cream-colored notecard of each of the six (6) original designs: * octopus * blueberry * howdy dots * spiral blooms * stripes * howdy chicken Printed on high quality linen card stock and accompanied by a coordinating envelope. Set is packaged in a clear box. Get these for yourself, or start your holiday shopping and get something truly unique for the person who *thinks* they have everything! Artist Bio: Brenna Giannini Other Work By: sugar lily designs Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.5", approximately $10.00
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  • 10.00 USD
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