Majolica Parrot Figure

Majolica Parrot Figure
Majolica Parrot Figure with Mask No. M65/I Hand Painted on Terracotta Item Number: 12.458 Designer: Wackerle 1915 Size: 121 cm Price: $9,089.00 Unique to Nymphenburg's porcelain offerings is its collection of majolica garden statuary, fountains and tile wall friezes. Adhering to 150-year-old production methods, Nymphenburg stands as the only porcelain manufactory in Europe still producing majolica in the traditional handcrafted manner. The name "Majolica" refers to objects that are formed of clay (terracotta) and fired with an opaque white tin glaze. The loose brush strokes ensure that each piece is unique with its own artistic expression. Each piece is handcrafted and hand-painted in brilliant hues that never loose their luster. Weatherproof and frost-proof, Nymphenburg majolica can be enjoyed year-round. Please contact us to learn more about the entire Nymphenburg majolica collection. This represents a sampling of products that are offered at Nymphenburg Store USA . Many objects are available in other colors or sizes. Please contact us for more information and pricing. Tel. 312.787.7003
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