Loveseat by IPE Cavalli - Leigh Harmer

Loveseat by IPE Cavalli -  Leigh Harmer
  • Loveseat by IPE Cavalli -  Leigh Harmer
  • Loveseat by IPE Cavalli -  Leigh Harmer
  • Loveseat by IPE Cavalli -  Leigh Harmer
Loveseat Modern Designer Sofa You gotta love a loveseat. Whether to curl up and disappear into your favourite novel or to snuggle up with your sweetheart (yes dogs and cats can come into this category). A petite and perfectly formed mini-settee, the Loveseat is the little sister of the Hudson modern designer sofa (also part of Roberto Lazzeroni’s Streamlined range, designed for renowned Italian design house, IPE Cavalli). The Loveseat is a timeless piece that can occupy quirky spaces and becomes a highlight in traditional cottages, magnificent mansions and contemporary city pied-a-terres.
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