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vvodge discovered 103 months ago
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    Hot In The Hive: Russian Nesting Doll Flash Drive

    by Ida Hsiang

    Computers used to be the size of a conference room and required so many extra steps to do a simple procedure that brain surgery seemed only slightly harder than writing a document. Technology has no doubt changed drastically over the years. Now we have a little something called the internet, as well as laptops and computers that can fit into the palm of your hand. It's only logical that with a society that now relies heavily on computer data and usage, accessories and other cute, functional items for your computer and laptops are popping up everywhere. The Russian Nesting Doll flash drive is one of the more interesting and randomly fun computer/ laptop accessories out there and with 2GB of memory, it allows you to save and share your work while giving your job or school projects a touch of whimsy. Plus, this cute Russian Nesting Doll flash drive is so unique and colorful, that you'll easily spot which is your jump drive amongst the usual, more boring flash drive selections!Price: $28.00Who Found It: idabone was first to add the Russian Nesting Doll Flash Drive to the Hive.

    Hot In The Hive: Dell Vostro V13

    by Anna Yu

    Last year, the Dell Adamo laptop was making waves with it's razor thin design that was basically Dell's answer to Apple's MacBook Air. However, the laptop came at a premium price and more than a few people balked at the nearly $2000 price tag. That's where the Dell Vostro V13 comes in. With a sleek aluminum body, 13 inch screen and just over half an inch thick, the Vostro V13 is ideal for anyone looking for portability without compromising screen size. It also comes with 2GB of memory, at least a 250GB hard drive and Intel Celeron M Processor or Intel Core2 Duo Processor which means it's definitely not all looks and no brain. Best part is, it's also lighter and over $1000 less than the Adamo! If you're a budding CEO of the next Fortune 500 company or just a student in need of an affordable and highly portable computer, the Vostro V13 should be at the top of your list.Price: $449-$669Who Found It: facadeindreams was first to add the Dell Vostro V13 to the Hive.