LaDIFFERENCE International Furnishings in Richmond, Virginia (aka LaDIFF)-OUTDOOR-Hourglass Set

LaDIFFERENCE International Furnishings in Richmond, Virginia (aka LaDIFF)-OUTDOOR-Hourglass Set
It doesn't get much cooler than this. The Hourglass is the ultimate outdoor furniture set. When you don't need it (or in the cool winter months), you can stack it up like a clever sculpture and get it out of the way. Love this LaDiff item!
sarahpaxton discovered 107 months ago
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  • kylamus says

    ^^ Hot! This also comes in a Golf ball shape and we used these in a Richmond restaurant's patio area, deLux. It is such a great conversation starter and everyone loves hanging out out there!

    107 months ago

  • wyzwomyn says

    this is genius--i want one!:x Love It!

    107 months ago

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