Koralia Luxe Gold Handcrafted Adjustable Metal Wire Belt

Koralia Luxe Gold Handcrafted Adjustable Metal wire Belt

This belt is handcrafted in Athens Greece from age old techniques. Copper wire is used to craft the belt and then it is finished in 22 kt gold. Each belt is unique and no two will be the same. The belt pictured here will be the one you are purchasing This belt is approximately 2 inches wide and 40 1/2 inches long( buckle included in length) There are prongs on the back of the buckle and you place through the holes to adjust the belt to how you would like to wear it. The belt can be worn over dresses, pants... you can get very creative with them! They are unique and beautiful and sure to elicit comments This would be a great gift for any woman and I will bet she won't already have THIS!!!

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