Kama Sutra Heart

Kama Sutra Heart
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    Dinner talk can get kinda boring. Liven it up with some fun table play! Everyone is told to not play with their food but no one said anything about the condiments! These Boogie Woogie Salt and Pepper shakers are fun for the whole family. With wheels attached to both shakers all you need to do is push the shaker and it€™ll wheel itself across the table to the next person. Now you don't need to worry about arms in your face while you're eating. The shakers come in black and white (to distinguish between salt and pepper) and look great on your table with their aluminum finish. Dinner just got more interesting!Where to Buy - Shop HornePrice - $49.95Who Found It - LTopiol was the first to add the 'Boogie Woogie Salt and Pepper Shaker' to the Hive.

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