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Hoboken Optical PC
Hoboken Optical PC is an expert Hoboken optometrist specializing in your visual health. Need new eyeglasses or eyewear? Visit our Hoboken eye doctor.
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    We at StyleHive are always looking for new ways to accessorize throughout the seasons. Sunglasses are the ultimate seasonal accessory and what says summer more than sunnies? Cheap Monday's clear-framed Cryokinesis Shades are awesome, geometric, super hot sunglasses. According to dictionary.com, cryokinesis means "the ability to set objects or people on fire through the concentration of psychic power." Sweet! And, if looks could kill, these Elizabeth Taylor/ Marilyn Monroe/ Ava Gardner Sixties bombshell glasses would do it!Where to Buy - Nasty GalPrice - $30Who Found It - BrookeElisabeth was the first to add the Cheap Monday Cryokinesis Shades to the Hive.

    Beauty Pick Me Up - Skin Remedies!

    by Ida Hsiang

    Your skin if your best accessory and your smiling face is what people see first so it's important to make sure it's always looking it's best! While we weren't all born with the flawless-skin gene a la Halle Berry, there are beauty secrets that can help diminish and smooth out whatever blemish and flaw it is that you have! We've chosen the most common skin problems and are giving tried and true tips on how to banish them away! Then click on the slideshow for products that we love!Dark Eye Circles - This nasty little beauty flaw is difficult to get rid of and can make even the brightest visage seem tired. There are many creams and gels (look for Retinol-A in the ingredients) that can help lighten dark under-eye circles, but remember to be consistent in applying them! Once in the morning and once before bed is ideal. Dark circles are also commonly caused by an iron deficiency so start ordering steaks and spinach for added iron!Puffy Eyes - Puffy eyes are a sign of tired eyes and can add years to the face. If you're already consistently getting a well-rested night of sleep, trying eye-creams and serums that have an anti-inflammatory or soother can help. Again, be consistent with application. Need a quick remedy? Cold masks and compresses or the age-old model secret of frozen spoons held against the eyes for a few minutes brings down swelling and puffiness!Sun-Spots - Sun spots come after years and years of unprotected exposure to the sun so, in this case, prevention is the best cure. Applying (and reapplying!) a strong SPF before venturing out is a must, even in overcast weather. Hats are your friend and staying in the shade is a good idea. Already have sun spots? Lightening and whitening creams can help diminish the appearance of sun spots. If they are large or dark enough, sun spots can lead to much more serious health concerns so get them checked out and for major cases, laser removal is an option.Shiny Skin - Don't you hate it when a would-be-perfect picture is ruined by an excessively shiny or oily forehead and cheeks? There are a few ways to combat the dreaded 'shiny forhead'. A mattifying primer applied before make up will help. There are many mattifying face washes and powders as well and invest (like $4!) in a pack of blotting papers to throw in your purse to de-shine on the go!