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Doglogs™ are safe non-toxic squeaky toys for your furry friend of any age or size! Doglogs™ are soft yet durable with a realistic fluffy plush tail for added fun! Collect 'em all!!! •Phthalate Free •BPA FREE
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    by Anna Yu

    If you've grown up in a dog friendly city like I have, you know that some dog owners let their dogs do their business, only to walk away without cleaning up. There have been many close calls to to soles of my shoes but I'm always thankful for the people who do clean up after their dogs. Since I've been on a eco-friendly mindframe, I've been thinking about all the plastic bags out there. Did you know that US dogs produce enough waste to fill an 800-foot-tall football field every year and plastic bags can take over 100 years to decompose? We've been using reusable bags when we go shopping to keep plastic bags out of the landfills, so why not change your poop scooping habits too? That's why dog owners should check out the olive poop bags! They're made of corn starch and vegetable oil which makes them biodegradable, and they'll compost in about 40 days. Fido may be man's best friend, but use these bags and you're well on your way in being Mother Nature's best bud!Price: $14.99Who Found It: facadeindreams was first to add the Olive Poop Bags to the Hive.

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    It was only a matter of time... fine jewelry inspired by pets such as dachshunds, pit bulls, poodles, chihuahuas, and labs (with German Shepherds, terriers, retrievers and schnauzers soon to come). Made from 18k matte yellow and white gold, and encrusted with hand-cut onyx, sapphires, and conflict-free micro-pave diamonds, the new collection from Diamond Dog New York also includes paws, hearts, and bones. Created by Suzanne Mates, a longtime recording studio exec who changed careers after getting her dog and realizing "a pet can change the world," a portion of the net profits is donated to no-kill shelters, making any of the rings, earrings, or charms perfect for fun-loving accessory hounds. Purchasing info at For more fashionable finds, check out FashionTribes!