Just in time Find announcements being made by your local businesses as soon as the need strikes. Unlike other offers, you will find deals which have been created in immediate response to a business's need, with zero-lead time. This is only possible as the businesses take full control of their accounts on forWhereiAm and can target their announcements to very refined locations - right down to a postcode level. Short lived Our unique technology matches you with the best deals available, which may only last for a few hours. The business retains full control of what they offer, when and for how long - paving the way for kind of offers not available anywhere else! forWhereiAm technology ensures only results of relevance reach the end-users, cutting out a lot of the irrelevant noise from the search results. Thus enabling short-lived announcements to be seen by the target audience. Relevant If a local takeaway doesn't provide free delivery to your area because you are outwidth their 1-mile radius free delivery zone, you won't see their free delivery offer. Yet you will be able to see their offer of 40% off on any take-away you order tonight - for collection or paid-for delivery. On forWhereIAm, see announcements which are specifically being made for you based on where you are. Local businesses are more prominent in results, but we don't limit our results to just local - we get the best deals to you where ever they happen to be.

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