Five Part Cognac Diamond Ring from TWIST

Five Part Cognac Diamond Ring from TWIST
MRomano discovered 98 months ago
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    Daily Obsesh - A "Diamond" Ring

    by Melisa Verrecchia

    Going to the chapel and we're gonna get. ... Whoa! Wait! Married??? Well, depending on who's reading this, it might be too soon or not soon enough. Either way, if you are certain there's no ring to bring some bling to your near future, then I've got just the thing to bring a smile to your face! And you don't even need a man to buy it for you!Fred Flare has created the very cool diamond life ring. Yes, I said life, not wife!This little 'jewel' is a graphic interpretation of the precious stone in metal outline form and is the perfect way to bring some 'bling' to your life without breaking, or robbing, the bank. In a lightweight silver base metal, it will add a little sparkle to all your favorite outfits. Give a dash of glam to your casual jeans and looks, and a modern twist to fancier cocktail dresses. The bold graphic design mixed with the matte silver metal gives the ring a tough girl edginess to it, but maintains a chic look in it's simplicity. Fun or fancy, this ring is totally feminine and sure to grab the attention of all your girlfriends, single or married!So, whether the single life is a blessing or a curse, or whether you're counting down the days until your beau pops the question. ... In the meantime, treat yourself and buy the diamond life ring! It's certain to bring you a bit of glimmer and a big smile. Where To Buy - Fred FlarePrice - $12Who - MeliMeli is the first to add the 'Diamond Life Ring' to the Hive.

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    The first month of the New Year seems to have sped by and the next holiday that many of us are now looking forward to is Valentine's Day! This is a day that you get to spend with your sweetie, whispering sweet nothings into each others' ears, nibbling on chocolates and professing your undying love for each other no matter what happens... according to Hallmark, at least. All that romantic mushy stuff is great and all, but we can't help but be a little more excited about the possibility of a gift. Teddy bears and gourmet fudge are sweet, a candlelit dinner is always appreciated, but the thing that we'd like to get most on the 14th? How about something sparkly, shiny and expensive? Sounds like love to me! A few of us lucky gals will be getting just that, all wrapped up in glossy paper and finished off with a satin bow. And for those of us who won't, it's okay to dream. Click on the slideshow to see some favorite dazzling pieces that will have your heart palpitating on Valentine's Day!