Fashionologie: An American In Paris

fashionologie: an american in paris
She's from Berkeley, California, but now calls Paris home. She's just 24, a Parsons graduate. She's Erin Fetherston (in red), and I've been watching her for a while now. Her fall collection -- frothy, flirty, feminine -- was shown in a Parisian apartment, with votive candles, white roses, and the models circling the room, mingling with the guests. Erin's first fashion film debuted as well. Starring Kirsten Dunst. Big names for a fledging designer to be associated with -- but it doesn't surprise me that Kirsten was involved -- Erin's clothes seem right up her alley. The film, named "Wendybird" after the collection, sounds beautiful -- in grainy black and white, it tells the story of five uniformed girls discovering a chest of dress-up clothes (all from Erin's collection). So she's got beautiful clothes, good connections -- did I mention that she's eloquent, too? What doesn't this girl have? I'll have to get back to you on that one -- I've got nothing.
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