Extremis New Kosmos Lounger Promotes Socializing All Year Round - Born Rich

 Extremis New Kosmos Lounger Promotes Socializing All Year Round - Born Rich
The festive season is around the corner, so it’s just the time to start making preparations for the never-ending parties thrown at your home. Get into the party groove with Extremis’s new creation called Kosmos from designer Dirk Wynants who earlier won accolades for his furniture collection meant specifically for helping you socialize in style with the Gargantua table, and the giant BeHive lounging furniture. Continuing with the socializing motto, the designer‘s latest creation brings the best of his two designs with enough space for lounging with your friends after a sumptuous meal or drinks party. The Kosmos has a round shape in which you can sit or relax, with the added bonus of a table. The seating comfort is guaranteed by the “dry feel” polyurethane foam cushions with white leatherette upholstery.
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