I frikkin love this. I love it more than anything I've seen on the internet in a long time. I'm going to go stare at it for a few hours.
vagabond_jewelry discovered 103 months ago
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    Seeking a bit more spiritual connectedness this year? Searching for some inner peace? Well, brighten your path to enlightenment with the Buddha Buddha Happiness Light. Giving off a soft glowing light, the little Buddha lamp warms any room with a sense of peace and happiness. Standing 8 inches tall, the lamp is made of lightweight poly resin. The design is based on the ancient traditions of the child Buddha. Along with being a fantastic conversation piece, the little Buddha, with his sweetly contagious smile, is simply just really really cute! What a great house warming gift idea!Where to Buy: Urban OutfittersPrice: $28.00Who: Melimeli was the first to add the Buddha Buddha Happiness Light to the Hive.

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