Everyday Letterpress Note Cards / Box of 12: $18.99

Everyday Letterpress Note Cards / Box of 12: $18.99
julie3jax discovered 88 months ago
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    Greet Your Friends With Humorous Cards From Blue Barnhouse!

    by Amber Fijolek

    Hallmark's got it's time and place -- like your second cousin's graduation and when your grandmother turns 88. Some of us, however, don't share the innocent emotions and vocabulary of drugstore greeting cards. That's why we should stock up on the genius-desktop publishing creations of Blue Barnhouse, who not only convey your messages in a more light-hearted manner, but that sometimes are just plain crude, like my sense of humor. Christmas cards with Santa refusing autographs and romantic cards with lovers calling one another just a "booty call" are exactly the kind of honesty that is lackick from most gift shops. The Asheville, North Carolina letterpress studio has taken the glitter and pop-up flower idea of the 99 cent greeting card section out and given us a reason to actually keep the little vessels for birthday checks. While not all of their cards are an honest slap-in-the-face, the more cutesy cards still may give you an honest giggle (like the skunk apology card that says "I'm sorry I stink"). If you've already got a stand-out personality, share your true self with your friends and express on paper what you really think about them on their special occasions -- or at least check out this slideshow for a good chuckle!

    Hot in the Hive: The World's Smallest Postal Service

    by kate napleton

    My friend Amy is afraid of miniature things. To say the least, she would be terrified if I sent her a letter from Leafcutter Designs. The San Francisco-based "World's Smallest Postal Service" creates 120 word messages on teeny tiny 1x1.5 inch stationary and sends it off to the address of your choice! Your letter arrives in a tiny envelope, stamped and addressed to your recipient, which is wax-sealed with your initial. It arrives with a small folding magnifying glass so your lucky recipient will actually be able to read your message. These tiny letters are a very special gift and a perfect touch for a special thank you note, birthday card, or a "just because" note. And at just eight dollars, the price is right for such a sentimental gift!Price: $8-10Who Found It: lisannebee was the first to add the World's Smallest Postal Service To The Hive