Etsy :: Striking Fine Silver PMC Dichroic Glass Pendant

Etsy :: Striking Fine Silver PMC Dichroic Glass Pendant
Large & Striking Fine Silver PMC Dichroic Pendant in Reds and Pinks. Each glass "gemstone" is made by individually cutting and fusing dichroic glass in my kiln several times till the desired effect and strength is achieved. I carefully work Silver PMC around the finished glass. It is then returned to the kiln, sanded, finished, polished, and buffed. The end result is that the vibrant glass "stone" is beautifully framed by fine silver. Precious Metal Clay is an incredible material invented by the Japanese. The principal ingrediant in PMC is microscopic particles of silver along with water and an organic binder. The clay is molded and shaped then it is fired in a kiln where both the water and binder burn away and the metal fuses to form pure solid Silver 99.9% pure (for comparison, Sterling is only 92.5% pure). PMC is often used with Dichroic Glass to make spectacular and unique jewelry.
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