Etsy :: Ourvintagestuff :: Vintage Enameled Kettle 1960s Retro Orange

Etsy :: ourvintagestuff :: Vintage Enameled Kettle 1960s Retro Orange

Can you get over how amazingly cool this 1960s enameled tea kettle is? My grandmother got this beautiful orange kettle to match her swank orange kitchen in the 1960s, and used it for the rest of her life! I can't get over how awesome these retro patterns are on this vibrant piece of kitchen decor! This piece is in good, usable condition, and nice display condition. There are some rust and calcium deposit marks on the inside (see picture #4) and a scorch mark on the base of the handle. I've cleaned it up, but I am sure that whoever buys it will want to clean it to his or her specs upon receipt. However, it still boils water beautifully and would look incredible in a retro kitchen!!! This is a standard sized kettle, with a 9" diameter on the base (the part that touches the burner of the stove), and about 9 1/2" high.

futurowoman discovered 107 months ago
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