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Etsy :: nanjodogz :: Beagle Bead
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    DIY - Tribal Tassel Necklace

    by Sophie Okulick

    It doesn't take much to get StyleHive editors excited about spring jewelry trends! With sexy fringe in the spotlight of must-have accessories, we've combined a new tasseled texture to DIY!This tribal meets tassel necklace, inspired by Kenneth Jay Lane, will freshen up any outfit and make a statement when you walk in the door at your next soiree. Long, narrow beads like the ones we used for our wooden fringe necklace can be found at any bead store. From stones like turquoise to metal, and wood, this simple necklace lets you try out different materials and colors for a truly unique and customizable project! Here's what you'll need -- strand of your favorite narrow shaped beads- 10 inches of beading wire- 12 inches of gold chain- ScissorsStep 1 -Tie a double knot at one end of the beading wire, leaving a 1-2 inch excess.Step 2 - Cut the strand of beads to let them loose, and start beading them through your wire. Step 3 - Bead about 7 inches and loop the end of the wire through the gold chain, double knot the wire and cut off the excess.Step 3 - With the other end of the beaded strand repeat step 3, tying the wire to the chain. Next time your feeling the accessory blues try out this DIY pick me up!

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    We love to throw dinner parties and with the sunny weather upon us now, the invites will be plentiful. We're looking forward to long lazy summer days in friends€™ back yards, sipping on a chilled sauv blanc or even an ice cold beer!This year, though, we're surely shying away from typical party gifts like bottles of wine and artisan cheeses. For a great gift idea, we're all about Sobral's Pop Art Color Coasters. Made of natural lightweight resin, these handmade colorful coasters make for the perfect hostess gift. They measure approximately 4" square and are sold separately. A little home decor goes a long way in saying thanks for the invite and insures a second one, too!Where to Buy - SobralPrice - $24.00Who - Melimeli was the first to add the Pop Art Color Coasters to the Hive.