Etsy :: dragonhouseofyuen :: RESERVED FOR TAMERA Arabella Rabbit Bag wearing Chinese Lion Style Jumper donating 10per cent to the BUAV

Etsy :: dragonhouseofyuen :: RESERVED FOR TAMERA Arabella Rabbit Bag wearing Chinese Lion Style Jumper donating 10per cent to the BUAV
A beautiful handmade bag of Arabella my rescue rabbit. She has a beautiful golden mane made from a Chinese satin jacket, each with flowers embroidered on them and with frayed edges. On her rump she has red satin Chinese cord which has been knotted and stitched into little balls. These resemble the curly coats on the Chinese Lion Dog statues.
DIYthing discovered 97 months ago
  • SavannahSparrow says

    I think this is amazing and adorable. What a cute piece! I want a bunny, but since I can't get a real one this would be a wonderful substitute...and I could take it with me wherever I go! Appropriate for easter haha. :x Love It!

    97 months ago

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