Egg Bed by Lomme wins the Red dot award for best product design -

Egg Bed by Lomme wins the Red dot award for best product design -
Egg Bed by Lomme: There are a lot of options available these days to give your personal space a touch of unique contemporary design. The latest designer product is now ready to change your napping experience forever. The egg-shaped bed by Günther Thöny's Thony Projekt is the latest revolution in designer beds. Taking as cue a two year study into the science of sleep, Lomme shapes the senses of sound (a fully integrated stereo system with iPod dock, the protective sound-damping arc of the shell), sight (hidden LEDs, which can be user-tuned to simulate sunset and sunrise), and touch (a massage system integrated into the mattress). Perfect isn't it? This unique egg shaped creation helped Lomme win the coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design. Give this egg a try and relax as you nap in your new luxurious nest that guarantees a rejuvenating experience for all.
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  • timefometofly

    timefometofly says

    how much is this thing?!

    61 months ago

  • Kintan03 says

    Yes yes that's a wonderful bed sweet n so romantic....:x Love It!

    59 months ago

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