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    Hot In The Hive: Project Runway For Nintendo Wii

    by Alex Gambardella

    I remember when I first heard about this game back in November, I had an immediate "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality, assuming its release would keep getting delayed much like the show's 6th season. But alas, Project Runway for Nintendo Wii finally hit shelves March 2nd, and its arrival wasn't quite as manically exciting as I thought it was going to be. I don't know if its fashionable target market is just too engrossed in shopping, actually making their own real designs, or just watching the show itself, but personally I think this game looks too cool to overlook. Much like the show, "designers" get challenges -- like create a rockstar's stage outfit or revamp a high school uniform, for example -- and then get to create looks using a multitude of colors, patterns, and "fabrics" to compete in the catwalk showdown. There's even a Wii Balance Board add-on feature that allows you to play as your model and strut your designs down the runway! While I'm still curious as to how your creations are "judged" by e-versions of our favorite members of the PR panel, I'm still intrigued enough to check it out myself! It sounds almost like a fashion-relevant version of the Sims... which means maximum addiction potential!Price: $39.99Who Found It: xgalexy was the first to add Project Runway for Nintendo Wii to the Hive.

    Hot In The Hive: Space Invaders Gift Wrap

    by Alex Gambardella

    You might think it's what's inside the wrapping paper that counts (and the thought behind it, of course), but when it comes to making the distinction between one seriously awesome gift and the other seriously awesome gift right beside it under the tree, presentation is crucial! This Space Invaders Gift Wrap may be called "Dude Wrap" (maybe in an attempt to motivate your boyfriend to help you wrap presents, and not in newspaper), but I think it's totally geeky-chic! Even if you have two left hands when it comes to wrapping presents, the gamer-themed paper is cool enough to make even the most wrapping-challenged gifters want to whip out the tape and scissors and toss out the gift bags and tissue paper! Of course, you might want to practice with something cheap first, because at $4.50 a sheet you'll want to make sure the pixelated print doesn't go to waste!Price: $4.50Who Found It: xgalexy was the first to add the Space Invaders Gift Wrap to the Hive.