Easter Egg Cookie Bouquet

Easter Egg Cookie Bouquet
Beautifully decorated to make a deliciously unique Easter gift for friends or family members. From Corso's Cookies
DaliaC discovered 84 months ago
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    Looking for something unique for your Easter baskets this year? Edible Gifts Plus has a large selection of adorable and edible (the best kind!) of gifts to help you put together a really cool basket.The fortune cookies (pictured) are fresh baked daily then hand dipped in your choice of gourmet chocolate (dark, milk or white), caramel, or confections (strawberry or peanut butter). Then they are adorned with handmade royal icing decorations and topped with sprinkles. Add your choice of colored cellophane bag and ribbon for $1 more. Similarly chocolate dipped Oreos, rice krispie treats and graham crackers are also available with prices ranging from $.99-$1.75 each and sold in quantities of 12 or more!Brought to you from our friends at TheFind!

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