Dos Besos Dress

Dos Besos Dress
  • Dos Besos Dress
  • Dos Besos Dress
  • Dos Besos Dress
  • Dos Besos Dress
"Hola, chica!" your friends chime as you strut into the party with a confident eyebrow raised and a red rose in your hair. They lean in to greet you with a kiss on each cheek, and feeling the silky smoothness of your black dress, step back to see what you've got on. "Wow!" they exclaim, admiring the cascading folds of this snug, strapless dress, and the snazzy peek of red underneath. You couldn't feel any better in your red hot heels, your black chandelier earrings, and your extraordinary, lava orange clutch. It doesn't take you long to realize that changing out of this fabulous dress at the end of the night will be tragic, so you make sure you gather all your girls and tango until the sun rises!
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