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    Ever Dream Of Attending Fashionista University? You Can!

    by Lisanne Silverman

    If you know a teen that's seriously into fashion -- and I don't mean in the sense of namedropping Chanel and Louboutin like they're going out of style -- then it's going to take more than a sketchbook and Wii Fashion Party to contain their passion and talent potential. Why not let them experience Fashionista University? It's a seven week, Saturday-only program that introduces middle school through college-age tweens and teens to the ins and outs of the fashion industry. With courses like "Fashion Design 101" and "PR Prep 101", they'll learn everything from creating and presenting a collection to insider public relations expertise. They can choose to focus on one aspect of fashion, or participate in both courses and gain a more comprehensive understanding. The NYC-based program also features trips to New York Fashion Week! Courses are $600 apiece or $1000 for both. Registration for the Winter semester ends January 8th, and classes begin January 16th, so go to to register and learn more!

    Everyone Needs a Pair of Glow-in-the-Dark Pants

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    I own a lot of jeans. A lot. I have my comfy jeans for class, I have my sexy jeans for going out, I have my fat jeans for the end of the school year when nothing else fits, and I have my weekend jeans with the giant holes in the knees/between my legs where my thighs rub together. What I don't have is a pair that glows in the dark. I know! What's wrong with me? How have I survived college this long without Diesel's latest design that glows bright white under the dim lighting so common in sweaty frat basements? It's amazing I€™m even here to tell the tale. OK, so at first glance glow-in-the-dark pants might seem appropriate for raves and raves only, but upon further inspection these things could really be a great investment. Just think about all the times a pair of glowing legs might come in handy...Click on over to our friends at CollegeCandy for the rest!