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Day-Timer - Shop the Day-Timer Store: Product Information
Our Men's Manicure Set is the perfect tool wherever you are -- tuck it in your briefcase, desk drawer, or suitcase. Black leather case with contrast stitching and velveteen interior houses 7-piece set that includes nail clipper, cuticle clipper, nail file, 2 short collar stays, and 2 long collar stays. Invisible snap closure; front pocket holds other small grooming tools. Features: * Travel manicure set fits in briefcase, desk drawer, or suitcase so you can look well-groomed wherever you are * Set includes nail clipper, cuticle clipper, nail file, 2 short collar stays, and 2 long collar stays * Leather case is contrast-stitched with velveteen interior and invisible snap closure * 3" x 4-1/2" x 1" (76 x 114 x 25 mm)
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