CLAYTON OXFORD - Polished Tin Teak Root Ball Sculpture Design Accent

CLAYTON OXFORD - Polished Tin Teak Root Ball Sculpture Design Accent
  • CLAYTON OXFORD - Polished Tin Teak Root Ball Sculpture Design Accent
  • CLAYTON OXFORD - Polished Tin Teak Root Ball Sculpture Design Accent
By utilizing the root ball from old salvaged Teak roots, we create unique primative decorative objects that make a fine statement accent to any interior decor environment. Each root ball is hand rubbed with Rubio Monocoat oil to restore and product the natural beauty of the wood, which is also an eco-friendly oil-based finish, completely free of VOC material. Two stock finish options - Natural Oiled, or a Rustic Sand Blast Finish. After the wood is restored, the natural contours and shapes are covered with hand applied polished tin to enhance the natural design, making it ideal for any style and location to accent an eclectic work of nature. Each Root Ball is unique given the high quality natural materials used. The materials are not prefabricated, but rather designed by nature, and crafted by hand. Various sizes, designs, and custom options are also available. The root ball can also be filled with poly resin and lit with LED lights to form an eclectic accent light.
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