Cellula Chandelier - Crystals - Design Within Reach

Cellula Chandelier - Crystals                    - Design Within Reach
  • Cellula Chandelier - Crystals                    - Design Within Reach
  • Cellula Chandelier - Crystals                    - Design Within Reach
Cellula Chandelier - Crystals Distilling the concept of a chandelier down to a single queue of exquisitely cut crystal pendants, the Cellula (1996) is dramatic without being fussy or overbearing. Designed by Nunzia Carbone and Tiziano Vudafieri, the design refracts the light of nine bulbs through numerous shapes and sizes of full leaded, faceted crystal. The quality of light is delightfully bright and warm, with no glare, to illuminate an entryway, dining table or counter space. The crystals can be arranged as desired, simply by shifting them from groove to groove along the aluminum rod. The design is anchored by a clear cord, flanked by two thin steel cables. Bulbs (not included): nine 15W candelabra torpedo.
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