Catwalk Queen: The Scene: Stars celebrate Lulu Guinness's 20th anniversary, V&A Museum

Catwalk Queen: The Scene: Stars celebrate Lulu Guinness's 20th anniversary, V&A Museum
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    As gaga as we girls go over a man in uniform, it simply seems fit that we would look just as cute in camo and cargos- actually, cuter. The military inspired look has never been hotter, it's truly a style that's made its way from costume to closet commodity. Dressing in a way that would make Uncle Sam proud has more than just aesthetic benefits -- the added perception of authority from a girl wearing a shirt with stars and stripes insignia. As we've learned from our fellow Americans in the Service, pockets and buttons can be as alluring as they are utilitarian! Although our favorite military jackets don't bode well underneath the blazing sun, throwing on some light long-sleeves at night are a great summer approach to cadet chic when evenings get brisk. Keep the look casual with camouflage and classy with the same tailored, buckled and double-breasted perfection that the military expects of its troops. If you'd rather don a mostly civilian look, brave a short-billed army cap along with your everyday summer fashion. See the slideshow for some sir-yes-sir pieces for this summer's boldest look!

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