Boo Bunnie Baby & Kids Ice Packs

Boo Bunnie Baby & Kids Ice Packs
Are you looking for that elusive, unique baby shower gift? Out of ideas on consoling an injured toddler? One of the adorable bunnies from the Stephan Baby Boo Bunny Collection will end your search. Each lovable bunny in this collection is made of super soft plush and follows a hushed color palette often associated with newborns. Each item includes a removable, washable and reusable cube along with a machine washable bunny that works wonders for all your baby's pains. The next time your little one has a hurt, simply take the cube from the freezer and place it in the animal, then put the boo bunny on the boo boo. Your child will love cuddling with this Feel Better buddy so much all his tears will go away like magic. No child, or mom, can resist the healing power of tender loving care, making this Feel Better animal a perfect shower or newborn gift.
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