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    DIY Stationary - Color Blocked Notebooks

    by Sophie Okulick

    Splitting ways with your best gal pals for a summer internship or vacation abroad? Look no further for a great going-away gift! Jot down some quick notes, or sketch at your favorite museum in a color blocked notepad that you can personalize for yourself or gift to your best friend. Add a touch of chic to boring summer classes - Here's an easy way to transition your favorite color blocking trend from your closet to your backpack! What you'll need- - Notebook- Acrylic paint, magic marker, or coloring option of your choice that will adhere to the notebook's material (or you can use colored duct tape!)- Masking Tape- Paint brush- A large piece of paperStep 1 - Tape off the section that you would like to color block and press firmly. This will give you a clean line.Step 2 - Completely color in the area with a few coats of paint.Step 3 - Carefully tear off the tape before the paint drys and let sit until completely dry.

    Daily Obsesh - Silver Metallic Playing Cards

    by Melisa Verrecchia

    We love this dazzling deck of metallic silver playing cards!The standard deck of cards are artistically designed and printed on quality stock with a silver metallic finish. Impress all your friends at next week's poker game and take it to a whole new level! Get ready to replace chips and dip with Cubans and a 15 year whiskey as these flashy cards immediately add a touch of class to the table. So, be a winner no matter what type of hand you're dealt!Where to Buy - TheFuturePerfectPrice - $11.99Who - Melimeli was the first to add the 'Silver Playing Cards' to the Hive.