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Bling Baby Girl Collections
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    Daily Obsesh - Topshop Chunky Cateye Sunglasses

    by Brooke Baker

    The clocks have sprung ahead which means only one thing - Summer is right around the corner! And with it comes a bevy of sun-drenched clothing and accessories. It's time to bust out your bathing suits, cover-ups, sandals, wide-brimmed hats and of course sunglasses! Topshop has an amazing pair of chunky, clear cat-eye glasses with amber lenses that are to die for! Flattering on any face shape, they're the perfect addition to any outfit. They're funky totally on trend!So, good bye Rachel Zoe baseball-sized frames and hello retro Mad Men shades!Where to Buy - TopshopPrice - $32.00Who Found It - BrookeElisabeth was the first to add the 'Chunky Cateye Sunglasses' to the Hive.

    Daily Obsesh - Character Hero BF Button-Down

    by Brooke Baker

    One of the best parts of having a boyfriend is the complete access to an oversized wardrobe - worn-in Hanes T's, comfy sweaters from his mom, and the ever-classic button down. Even Carrie Bradshaw mined Big's closet for an emergency button down! Character Hero has tapped into the boyfriend fashion trend by creating a girly BF-style button-down, called, appropriately, the BF Button-Down. Character Hero's slightly sheer shirt comes in four different solid colors and a blue-green plaid. And, it's long enough to tie in front a la Kelly from 90210 The Original Series or to tuck into high-waisted skirts and pants. The design is long, but not wide so it doesn't give a balloon/muffin/box shape when tucked in. Best of both worlds - Loose without adding thirty pounds!Where to Buy - Urban OutfittersPrice - $39.00Who Found It - BrookeElisabeth was the first to add the 'Character Hero Boyfriend Button-Down Shirt' to the Hive.