Black iPig Speakal for Apple iPhone & iPod

Black iPig Speakal for Apple iPhone & iPod
Enjoy your music with iPig Speakal.
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    Gadget Of The Week: Firefly Speaker Dock

    by Anna Yu

    If you give me the choice between going to a technology trade show versus fashion week, I'd actually have to give it a lot of thought. Alas, I missed the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month. Thankfully my Twitter feed and favorite tech blogs have kept me up to date on all the new products. Amidst all the new netbooks and cameras, there's a gadget called Firefly that made its debut last week and causing lots of buzz. The speaker dock works with all versions of the iPod, iPod Touch, and iPhone. It comes with two speakers and a subwoofer which means this little guy packs quite a punch. Still not convinced? The Firefly took home this year's Innovation award for design and engineering at CES and is only $130. Now you just have to pick between red, black, and silver! What: the Firefly Speaker DockPrice: $129.95Where to Buy: VestalifeWho Found It: facadeindreams was the first to add the Firefly Speaker Dock to the Hive.

    Hot In The Hive: Skullcandy Pipe iPod Speaker

    by Alex Gambardella

    Before you write off the Skullcandy Pipe iPod Speaker as yet another gimmicky dock that saves space but doesn't quite deliver where it counts (sound quality and volume), hear me out. Yes it's suspiciously small, fits all-too-conveniently on your living room mantel or dining room windowsill without toppling off, and appears to be a too-perfect-to-be-true source of your holiday gathering ambiance music, but take the time to consider that maybe there's no fatal bug that renders it unworthy of purchasing. The little fella really does get loud despite its compact size and has the ability to sound great whether it's serving out gentle seasonal tunes to accompany the sounds of your meal-munching or filling the room with dance-worthy beats once your relatives have had a little too much eggnog. Plus, with its handy remote you can switch things up even from your food coma-induced collapse on the couch!Price: $69.99Who Found It: xgalexy was the first to add the Skullcandy Pipe iPod Speaker to the Hive.