bamboo tongs :: by bambu :: green product, sustainable material

bamboo tongs :: by bambu :: green product, sustainable material
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    Daily Obsesh - Urban Outfitters Atlas Wrapped Thermos

    by Brooke Baker

    With all the talk in the world about green companies, sustainability, eco-friendly everything - solar power, Priuses, accessories and fashion companies - are catching up to the global issues and making ethically adorable consumables. Now you don't have to wear Birkenstocks because you can wear Tom's, canvas totes double as grocery bags, and even Mercedes-Benz makes a hybrid!One of the easiest ways to cut down your carbon footprint is keeping your re-usable water bottle instead of buying and tossing bottles constantly. This Atlas thermos works for your morning coffee and then your daily water bottle. Stainless steel doesn't leave the water with a weird taste and they can hang out in your car without releasing carcinogens into your water, unlike those ubiquitous plastic water bottles.It's cute, it's sustainable, it's educational, and it's the least obnoxious way to go green!Where to Buy - Urban OutfittersPrice - $34.00Who Found It - BrookeElisabeth was the first to add the Urban Outfitters Atlas Wrapped Thermos to the Hive.

    Label Love: Sweetly Simple Sleepwear From STELLINA

    by Ida Hsiang

    We're always so worried about stepping out in the latest style of dress, or the new 'it' bag and we go through pains to make sure that our hair is coiffed in the latest style and our make-up is applied just right. It seems that we often overlook a just as important part of our day. Bedtime. If you think about it, we spend about half our day either asleep or lounging and why so many of us are satisfied to be wearing just an over-sized tee and and an ex's old boxers while doing so is beyond me. Now, there's a way to stay comfortable and carefree while having a casual night at home and in bed. Stellina is our answer to luxuriously soft sleepwear that's practical, comfortable and with just the right amount of sex appeal added in. While silk teddies and lacy undergarments are fun for that 'special' night, Stellina is perfect for every night with their sumptuously soft bamboo pieces and cotton pajama sets and bathrobes. Besides the high-quality, super soft fabrics (I love bamboo knits!), Stellina further enhances it's sleepy-time appeal with feminine pastel hues and cuddly whites and creams. Pieces hug curves in all the right places without being tight and low v-necks and scoop necks, as well as sexy hem lengths look sensuous while still providing enough coverage. So put away that ratty flannel sleep shirt and click on the slideshow to see Stellina's must-have sleepwear pieces!