Baked POTATO SPUD TATER EARRINGS ~ HUGE Faux Miniature Realistic DEVO Charm Jewelry

Baked POTATO SPUD TATER EARRINGS ~ HUGE Faux Miniature Realistic DEVO Charm Jewelry
Team-Zebra unique funky custom original handcrafted DIY cool costume jewelry - unusual vintage novelty charms earrings - weird inexpensive miniature toys available in pierced or clip-on - necklaces keychains pins bracelets ornaments - punk volleyball emo rockabilly rave kitsch goth gothic indie pirate biker fetish different dance club styles - birthday party holiday prank gag gifts for retro guys and gals - Visit Team-Zebra to see over 1000 items in our jewelry box today... Buy $30.00 or more, & pay shipping for the FIRST Item only! Buy $50.00 or more, & First Class Shipping is FREE Worldwide!!!
teamzebra discovered 84 months ago
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  • teamzebra says

    For true Spud-lovers & Couch Potatoes!!!

    83 months ago

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