Arthur Russell::On the Subway, Listening Obsessively to Self-Made Cassettes

Arthur Russell::On the Subway, Listening Obsessively to Self-Made Cassettes
To be the truest of Hot, the Haute must & .....listen..... & & .....know..... Eye & ear semi-tainted tho, for all that, often oleasant candybarable herein--
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    I've come to the conclusion that you can never have too many shoes. Ever! When a great pair of shoes comes along, you need to snatch them up before they disappear. My latest obsession comes in the form of these Sam Edelman York Pumps. These heels come in some really gorgeous and versatile colors including royal blue and classic black and have "party" written all over them! Reminiscent of a disco ball with its studs and pewter mirrors plastered across the base of the shoe, it has so much sass you really can't go wrong. This sexy pump is on a great heel that will help elongate your legs and they're super comfortable to boot! These babies have a platform that'll keep your feet from dying but you don't lose the height. Sam Edelman is on top of its game when it comes to great style and these shoes just go on to prove that. Are you a lover of suede? Edgy embellishents? Sky-high stilettos? Then you've found your shoe soul-mate match!Where to Buy - PiperlimePrice - $159.99Who - Ltopiol was the first to add the 'Sam Edelman York Pump' to the Hive.

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