Apollo 260 Coil Crib Mattress - Little Green Babies

Apollo 260 Coil Crib Mattress - Little Green Babies
Pur erest innerspring mattress is the best in the market. We used to carry other mattresses but found that the lower than 260 coil and the organic cotton not being tufted cuased too many returns from body impressions and softness. So we made ours with our 260 coils of U.S. steel and we use a fully quilted organic cotton batting layer for total stability over 10-20 years of use. We then cover all this with our organically grown wool and organically processed and certified by Oregon Tilth. This is quilted between 2 layers of organic cotton for more breathability. No chemical treatments in any of our processes. Most companies use an additive in their organic cotton or wool or just dont know. We provide test results so you know.
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