Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry and Estate Jewelry

Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry and Estate Jewelry
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    Add A Vintage Vibe To Your Jewelry Collection With Boudoir-Inspired Accessories!

    by Alex Gambardella

    The term boudoir may typically conjure up thoughts of a really ancient antique store full of gaudy Renaissance-style furniture... or faded photographs of retro-scandalous lingerie models. More glamorously, you may think of Marie Antoinette getting pampered in her own personal powder room boudoir (errr, before her fateful demise, that is). Either way, when translated to the realm of jewelry, boudoir-inspired baubles are elegantly vintage-chic in their ornate designs and toned-down pearly shades. Think pearls, lace, antiqued gold -- things you might've found when raiding your great-great-great-great-great grandmother's jewelry box. With a little modern flavor and the subtlest of Baroque influences, these vintage-y picks are anything but tacky (as long as you don't pile them all on at once!) and make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for anyone who appreciates the glamour of time periods past! Check the slideshow for the selection!

    Style Notes: Summer Music Festival Outfit Ideas!

    by kate napleton

    To me, the sweet smell of summer is synonymous with outdoor concerts and festivals. My hometown of Chicago never disappoints with a positively booked calendar from mid-May until late September. So, next question, obviously: what should I wear? I've gotten this down to somewhat of a science. First, make sure you choose fabrics that breathe and will not leave weird tan lines. Second, try dancing. Are you comfortable, or are you readjusting? If you find yourself pulling at your clothes, move on to something more simple. Third, are you comfortable? Then go! I love to go with a cotton jersey or linen dress, or mid or Bermuda length jean shorts with a cute sleeveless top, like this Free People Rebecca tunic. I'm definitely picking up the Dolce Vita Camden dress for this summer - comfortable and classic! Check out my slideshow for some great summer concert style ideas!