Miss Sixty Womens Wool Dome Button Peacoat: Clothing Miss Sixty Womens Wool Dome Button Peacoat: Clothing
  • Miss Sixty Womens Wool Dome Button Peacoat: Clothing
  • Miss Sixty Womens Wool Dome Button Peacoat: Clothing
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    I've never really considered myself a girlie-girl, but something about this season's ruffles have really been floatin' my boat. Of course, ruffles can tread a fine line between sweet and... well, a little too frou-frou. So if you're not about to go the overly-cutesie route, consider wearing your ruffles not on your sleeve or your neckline, but your handbag! What's great about ruffled bags is that they let you go as frilly as you want without making you look costume-y, or just plain ridiculous. Go for something over-sized in a neutral shade like this romantic Be & D Ruffled Tote, or if you prefer something a little more subtle, this BCBG Ruffled Clutch has tiered ruffles that aren't quite so voluminous. Check out the slideshow for my top favorite ruffled handbags!

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