AllSaints | Meyer Jacket

AllSaints | Meyer Jacket
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    London Street Fashion: AllSaints

    by Millissa

    London is known for iconic street fashion. Big names like Vivienne Westwood have people always turning back to London to see what's edgy and in. International designers come here and scout for new ideas for their collections. Outside of the collections, innovative shops emerge that create new trends and a whole different way of dressing. One such shop is AllSaints where you can find unique twists on all the latest trends made with quality fabrics and craftsmen-ship. AllSaints now has 50 UK shops, with Paris and Antwerp recently added to its 53 concessions globally. AllSaints focuses on cutting-edge silhouettes like disheveled ruffles and gathers and details like studs, straps and cool graphics that give it its street-vibe attitude. The idea of femininity is played with and then proudly presented with masculine pieces like slouchy pants or structured blazers and even studded leather jackets, but all leave the wearer still looking sexy and dangerously flirtatious. These dresses and shoes are only an example of the great looks that AllSaints has for summer. So how do you wear these gorgeous dresses? Add a leather jacket or the drapey long cardigan from All Saints for a chic street look. Doc Martins and leggings in winter, gladiator sandals in summer. Check out to take a look at some other amazing, must-have pieces!From our friends at HauteMimi.