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Samsung D600 grey • Tribande 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz • Caméra 2,0 mégapixels intégrée • Afficheur à 262 000 couleurs • SMS / MMS / E-Mail / EMS • Annuaire max. 1000 entrées • Stand-by max. 300 heures • Autonomie max. 420 minutes • Lecteur MP3 • Bluetooth 1.2 • Jeux Java préinstallés • Organiseur 400 entrées Comparer Liste de ce qu'on voudrait avoir Recommander Aperçu de l'imprimé Art. 834086
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    Daily Obsesh - Themis Mobile

    by Melisa Verrecchia

    Who says mobiles are just for a baby's room? The girls here at the Hive have discovered a modern graphic design mobile that will look perfect anywhere in your home, especially the office!Graphic designer and illustrator, Clara von Zweigbergk, created the Themis mobile, in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Artecnica, using simple materials of paper, wood and metal. The bright, cheerful geometric shapes boast neon and fluorescent colors mixed with neutral browns. Hollow and made of lightweight paper, the colorful shapes bounce gingerly like planets floating through the universe.Sure to add a bit of pop to any room, we are loving it for your home office, or a sunny spot in the kitchen. Baby will love it, too!Where to Buy - TheFuturePerfectPrice - $27.00Who - Melimeli was the first to add the Themis mobile to the Hive.

    Hot In The Hive: iTwinge iPhone Keyboard

    by Alex Gambardella

    I think I'm one of the few people left in this world who still refuse to join the iPhone cult. I'll admit it, sometimes I get a little jealous when I see people at the gym listening to their music and making calls from one sleek device while I'm trying to juggle my PDA and my prehistoric video iPod... but I'm sorry -- I NEED a keyboard! REAL buttons that you push. Not a touchscreen with pretend keys and a "word predictor" that tries to guess what I'm trying to type through the inevitable typos. It shouldn't have to guess! Apparently our friends over at Mobile Mechatronics had the same frustrations, because they came up with one seriously genius idea: the iTwinge. It's an attachable keyboard that simply slips on over your iPhone, providing REAL push-able buttons for more accurate (and quicker) texting and e-mailing. Of course, I'm not sure if the convenience of having keys is worth having to constantly take the device on and off whenever you're done with an e-mail or text... so while this clever add-on is definitely worth the splurge for curious iPhone owners, I'm not sure if it's cool enough to make a convert out of a Palm girl like me!Price: $29.99Who Found It: xgalexy was the first to add the iTwinge to the Hive.