Alice + Olivia Ombre Rosette Tube Dress -

Alice + Olivia Ombre Rosette Tube Dress -
Just the party dress perfection we've come to expect from Alice + Olivia.
lisannebee discovered 111 months ago
  • 297.00 USD
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  • ensign50

    ensign50 says

    I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it on Dina-Housewives of NJ, immediately wanted the information, if at all possible on who made this dress! I went to the BRAVO website to see if I could find out who created this attractive dress, and it was listed right on the blog page-"If anyone wants to know where Dina bought this dress-and the maker..." So this tells me many women really liked this dress and wanted the same information too. It looked beautiful on her, perfect with her blue eyes, shape, the jewelry Dina wore-I am not sure how it would look on me-but I really like the colors style and colors-and would like to try it on!

    95 months ago

  • malakako

    malakako says

    this is so ultra the colours |-D Beautiful

    95 months ago