Which 2010 Beauty Trend Are You Most Likely To Try?

by Alex Gambardella • Jan 2, 2010 9:18 AM PST
Which 2010 Beauty Trend Are You Most Likely To Try?

2010 has finally arrived, and unlike our childhood predictions of what the future might be like, we do not commute via hovercraft, and clothing has not been replaced with chrome body suits (with the exception of Lady Gaga's). We are, however, witnessing the emergence of beauty trends for the year ahead, and while they are certainly innovative, they're not quite as spaceship-chic as our young imaginations might have planned . Robots haven't completely replaced people yet, but high-tech beauty gadgets like Lancome's vibrating foundation are bound to revamp the way we apply makeup... and make us lazier in the process. While we got a glimpse of "green" beauty last year, eco-friendly makeup is predicted to reach even higher popularity in '10 (yay Earth!), while natural nail shades like "Particuliere" and "Inattendu" from Chanel's latest color library are about to take over. And lastly, if you're dying to give your tweezers a break, you may be relieved to hear that brows are going bold this year -- could eyebrow extensions be next? Vote below on which beauty trend you're most excited to rock in 2010!

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