Which 2009 Trend Are You Most Eager To See Die In The New Year?

by Alex Gambardella • Dec 26, 2009 9:20 AM PST

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Which 2009 Trend Are You Most Eager To See Die In The New Year?

Oh, 2009 -- it shall go down in history as the year of the Twilighters, Kanye West apologies, and Twitter. But let's not forget that the fashion industry has plenty of its own mishaps to ruefully look back on. We revisited a couple old favorites, including the rise of the rompers -- nostalgic of our playground playsuit days (only much harder to look cute in) -- as well as a resurgence of 80's neons (just in case you needed to blind yourself with an overload of clashing brights). As for the realm of pants, we witnessed the invention of jeggings (for those who want the jeans look but have a phobia of actual denim), and we channeled Aladdin with totally unflattering harem pants. As for the guys, they apparently were jealous of us girls stealing their duds for the boyfriend trend, so they took a page from our book and started showing off their chests in deep-v necklines. Vote below on which trend of 2009 you're most hoping will end by the time the fat lady sings "Auld Lang Syne." '80s photo: Lookbook.nu

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  • idabone says

    ~* ... i hate you for de-faming my beloved rompers ... and just to spite you ... i may have to come in to work in one ... albeit with tights and a puffer coat cuz it's freezing but still ...

    88 months ago

  • xgalexy says

    HAHA. i voted for harem pants if that provides you with any solace.

    88 months ago

  • lindahuang says

    (+) Totally Agree

    88 months ago