Vintage Fashionists Put On The Gloves

by Mary Kincaid • Jan 15, 2010 2:19 PM PST

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Vintage Fashionists Put On The Gloves

Just because it doesn't get cold enough for you to throw a snowball where you live is no reason to ignore the season's most fun fashion accessory--gloves! These little lovelies aren't just for skiers and snowboarders. Oh, no, no, no. There are leather, velvet, suede, lace, cotton, silk and sheer versions to please every fashionista under the sun. Plus you can quickly amass a huge collection that will easily tuck away in a small box at the end of the season. Not sure of your glove size? Simply wrap a tape measure loosely around the palm of your dominant hand and round up to the nearest half-inch or inch. Then choose your favorite from this fab little collection of vintage gloves by simply clicking on the slideshow.

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