Vintage Fashionistas Carry Their Cash In Style

by Mary Kincaid • Jan 5, 2010 4:24 PM PST

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Vintage Fashionistas Carry Their Cash In Style

Smart fashionistas know they should always calculate Cost-per-Wear (CPW) when deciding if a potential purchase is a good value. For instance, a top quality winter coat might cost more initially, but it should wear much better and last for far more years than its inferior quality cousin. So what at first glance seems like the bargain choice could actually cost you more to wear over the long run. Get it? CPW is an especially important consideration for those pieces you use frequently. And one of those frequently used pieces that is often given too little attention is your wallet. It never ceases to amaze me when I see a totally chic gal decked out perfectly from head-to-toe pulling out a ratty old wallet from a designer handbag. So why not grab one of these fab vintage wallets with price tags that will leave quite a few extra bills to tuck in the billfold and lower your CPW to a few pennies a day? Just click the slideshow to see the selection.

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  • tataniae

    tataniae says

    This is true. A genuine wallet is always a keeper. I generally go to vintage stores to buys such finds. One of my favorite vintage stores is My Sister's Closet here in Arizona. Great selection!

    87 months ago