Video Style Steal: Beyonce Has "Sweet Dreams" Of Sparkles & Sequins

by Alex Gambardella • Jul 15, 2009 10:20 AM PDT

Video Style Steal: Beyonce Has "Sweet Dreams" Of Sparkles & Sequins

Beyonce, like our friend Tyra Banks, always seems to come up in conversation whenever the word "fierce" is mentioned. This is why it was no surprise to see that her video for "Sweet Dreams," the latest single from her I Am... Sasha Fierce album, is no less stylishly sassy than the previous vids, and she again comes equipped not only with some seriously diva-esque outfits, but her two hip-shaking backup dancers to boot. This time, however, she amps up the costuming beyond the iced-out bionic hand and leotard-and-heels combo she rocked in "Single Ladies" and channels a similarly monochromatic wardrobe with a little more sparkle and shine. With over-the-knee leather boots, a sequin miniskirt, and a silver lame dress that seems to channel a sexier Jane Jetson (we won't even get started with the gold metal C-3PO number), B is still milkin' the futuristic she-robot look for all its worth -- and is still looking like a million bucks. Click "See Video" to watch her and her dancer-clones in action, then check the slideshow to see how you can cop her look without looking like quite a cyborg.
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  • idabone says

    ~* omg... i love her.... :x Love It!

    93 months ago

  • 440389 says

    ^^ Hot! ^^ Hot! ^^ Hot! ^^ Hot!

    93 months ago

  • fadeto

    fadeto says

    :)> Applause she's a class act

    93 months ago

  • CelebrityStyle

    CelebrityStyle says

    Beyonce roxx

    93 months ago

  • MsNickee says

    OMG THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER SO!!! SHE BRINGS THE HEAT! ^^ Hot! ^^ Hot! :)> Applause :)> Applause

    93 months ago

  • farhisatti says

    :x Love It!

    92 months ago