Trend: Oversized Dress Shirts

by fASHLIN • Jun 24, 2010 1:27 AM PDT,fASHLIN

We€™ve all heard it been said. We have all debated about it to complete incomprehension and agnosia. We will all hear about it again. It is the no-resolution, locked horns polemical question: €œDoes size really matter?€�
According to the fashion industry, it most certainly does. In the present moment, Womens fashion seems to be leaning towards the bigger is better side of things, and are seriously kicking it up a notch. The Oversized Trend has sprouted wings, and can be seen from the Sonia Rykiel Pre-Fall 2010 Collection, to Elizabeth and James Tie-Dyed Silk Boyfriend Shirt, and to the more affordable BDG Western Detail Shirt dress from Urban Outfitters. For all you recession chic girls out there, before you decide to go on a shopping spending spree, you might go check your boyfriend€™s closet first! All you need is a nice button down shirt, with enough length to preserve your dignity. Your best bet at a free €˜new€™ oversized dress shirt is definitely to raid a guy€™s closet. So how do you rock the oversized dress shirt trend? It can be as simple or as complicated as you decide to make it. An oversized dress shirt truly is a blank canvas, giving you the luxury of tailoring the shirt to your accustomed taste and style. One way of wearing it is untucked as a loose dress, and then adding a complementary skinny belt to accentuate your waist. Another alternative is to wear leggings or tights, which leave you with an abundant amount of diverse looks to choose from. Some interesting leggings and cool tights that you should definitely check out come rather cheap at Look From London, considering that essentially every fashion magazine has featured them numerous times alongside big name designers in their spreads. Untucked shirts with shorts or leggings is easily the simplest and most effortless way to step out of the house. Try layering with jackets -- such as fitted blazers, boleros, anoraks and leather jackets. Then put on some thigh high socks to complete the look, and bring out your inner Blair Waldorf. The most important thing to remember in finishing this style is a pair of sky high heels and an oversized bag. Don't forget to throw on some chunky jewelry, such as bangles or a prominent necklace to also add some feminine qualities to this otherwise androgynous look. So there you have it: A skinny belt, short shorts, printed leggings or thigh high socks. No matter what the combination, the oversized shirt dress trend is the ultimate form of customizable style.

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